Wednesday, February 4, 2009

State of the Judiciary LIVE

Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears will give her last State of the Judiciary address today – Wednesday, February 4 – at 10:30 AM before a joint session of the General Assembly in the House Chamber at the State Capitol. After 26 years as a judge, Chief Justice Sears is stepping down from the Supreme Court of Georgia on June 30, 2009, when her term as Chief comes to an end.

In addition to saying good-bye to the Legislature and thanking the people of Georgia for the "extraordinary opportunity" of serving them on the state’s highest court, Chief Justice Sears will underscore the importance of the judiciary in these tough economic times.

Lawmakers will broadcast the speech live on GPB Knowledge. GPB Knowledge is available to those with digital television receivers at .3 of your local GPB transmitter, for example 20.3 in Augusta, or 8.3 in Atlanta.

You can also watch the speech online by clicking here.