Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 30- March 26, 2010

Tonight on Lawmakers, it's the crucial 30th legislative day, also known as Crossover Day, this is the deadline for legislation to pass out of its chamber of origination, we'll have the latest; the House passes Governor Sonny Perdue's hospital provider tax; House Speaker David Ralston's ethics reform bill is expected to come for a vote; the Senate passes a measure making it a crime to coerce abortion for any reason; and it's the end of another legislative week, which means it's time to check in with Tom Crawford of The Georgia Report. All that and more tonight.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 29- March 24, 2010

Tonight on Lawmakers, Governor Sonny Perdue plans to pursue legal action against the federal government- without the help of the Attorney General; concerns are raised over the House Appropriations Committee’s passage of the hospital provider tax; the Senate debates the “Common Sense Carry Act” to clarify the places licensed gun owners can carry their weapons; legislation that would require the use of seat belts in pickup trucks passes the Senate; and our leadership series of interviews continues with House Majority Whip Edward Lindsey; All that and more tonight.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 28- March 22, 2010

Tonight on Lawmakers, the House fails to pass a Constitutional Amendment in opposition to federal healthcare legislation; the Georgia Hospital Association announces it now supports Governor Sonny Perdue’s plan to implement a 1.6% hospital provider tax to help shore up the Medicaid budget; a bill that would allow the Governor to delay implementation of national cap and trade regulations passes the Senate; and the Georgia State Supreme Court declares tort reform caps enacted in 2005 unconstitutional. All that and more tonight.

New Legislative Schedule

The Georgia General Assembly today voted to adopt a new adjournment resolution. Senate Resolution 1322 sets the following schedule for the legislature in the coming weeks:

Monday, March 22 LEGISLATIVE DAY 28
Tuesday, March 23 IN RECESS
Wednesday, March 24 LEGISLATIVE DAY 29
Thursday, March 25 IN RECESS
Friday, March 26 LEGISLATIVE DAY 30 (Crossover Day)

Monday, March 29 IN RECESS
Tuesday, March 30 LEGISLATIVE DAY 31
Wednesday, March 31 LEGISLATIVE DAY 32
Thursday, April 1 LEGISLATIVE DAY 33
Friday, April 2 IN RECESS

Monday, April 5 IN RECESS
Tuesday, April 6 IN RECESS
Wednesday, April 7 IN RECESS
Thursday, April 8 IN RECESS
Friday, April 9 IN RECESS

Monday, April 12 LEGISLATIVE DAY 34

Be sure and tune in to Lawmakers on GPB every night that the General Assembly is in session for Lawmakers at 7 PM.