Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 12- February 3, 2009

Tonight on Lawmakers, the Senate passes legislation to create a transportation special local option sales tax, or T-SPLOST; a bill that would allow 11th and 12th grad students to move on to college or technical school classes while earning their diplomas; two senate bills aimed at helping those affected by home foreclosure; and our leadership interview series continues with House Majority Leader, Representative Jerry Keen.

After three years of studying, drafting and debating, the transportation local option sales tax, or T-SPLOST, bill passed the Senate today. The bipartisan, regional approach to transportation planning consists of Senate Bill 39 and Senate Resolution 44. We’ll have the highlights of that debate.

Legislation which creates a life without parole sentence also passed the Senate today. Senate Judiciary Chair Preston Smith is the author of Senate Bill 13.

Representative Jan Jones has introduced legislation aimed at giving parents and high school students more options when it comes to choosing a career path. House Bill 149 is more commonly known as the “Move on When Ready” Act. It would allow 11th and 12th graders to move on to college or technical school, earning higher education credits while finishing their high school diplomas. Lawmakers’ Valarie Edwards has more.

Senate Republicans and Democrats are crafting revisions to the Georgia Fair Lending Act in an effort to protect individuals and communities from the after shocks of foreclosure. The Democrats’ initiative is Senate Bill 54, the Republicans’ is Senate Bill 57. We’ll have information about both.

Senate Bill 83 is legislation that proposes to double the homestead exemption for Georgia homeowners from $2000 to $4000. The measure received a do pass recommendation from the Senate Finance Committee this afternoon. Lawmakers’ Brittany Evans reports.

Our leadership interview series continues tonight with House Majority Leader, Representative Jerry Keen. Nwandi Lawson sat down earlier today with Representative Keen and talked about transportation, budget and the likely legislative schedule.

The use of seatbelts may soon be required in pickup trucks in Georgia. Current law exempts drivers of pickup trucks from the mandatory use of seatbelts. Senate Bill 5 received a do pass recommendation from the Senate Public Safety Committee this afternoon. Lawmakers’ Tiana Fernandez has that story.

And today was Firefighters Day under the gold dome! Lawmakers’ Alan Friedman has more.

All that and more tonight on Lawmakers at 7 PM.

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