Monday, February 25, 2008

Lawmakers Returns Tuesday, February 26

Lawmakers will not be seen tonight because the legislature is not in session. Join us at 7 PM on Tuesday, February 26 when the Georgia General Assembly convenes for the 23rd legislative day.

In case you're wondering how to find out when a new episode of Lawmakers will be produced, we wanted to explain our schedule. Lawmakers is broadcast every night at 7 PM on Georgia Public Broadcasting when the Georgia General Assembly is in session. The Georgia General Assembly meets for no more than 40 legislative days each spring. The session commences on the second Monday after the first Tuesday in January. The legislature does not necessarily meet on consecutive days and the session often extends through March and well into April.

The House and Senate set their schedule by Resolution, so, we at Lawmakers are often unaware of what the schedule will be until the Resolution is brought to the floor in one of the chambers for a vote. When a Resolution is passed, it generally sets the schedule for up to two weeks at a time. We will continue to update the schedule here on our blog when a new resolution is passed by both chambers!