Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 23- February 26, 2008

Tonight on Lawmakers, the Senate passes two measures to expand alcohol sales. The House fails to pass a resolution to declare English the official language of the State of Georgia and the Lawmakers Tuesday Leadership Interview series continues with Representative Jerry Keen, House Majority Leader.

Fans of the Braves farm team expected to locate in Gwinnett County need not fear for Sunday beer. Senate Bill 454 passed today. The measure would expand the sales of alcohol on Sundays for public stadiums located in counties that already allow Sunday sale of alcohol. In a related measure, Senate Bill 385 was also passed. That legislation allows limousine carriers to sell alcohol. Lawmakers Sandra Parrish has that story.

The House today failed to gain the 2/3 majority necessary to to declare English the official language of the State of Georgia. House Resolution 413 would have amended the State Constitution.

Legislation designed to curb “prescription shopping” also passed the House today. House Bill 455 would require pharmacists to report prescriptions they fill into a statewide database to be monitored by the Georgia Board of Pharmacy. The bill's sponsor, Representative Ron Stephens, says Georgians are currently able to obtain multiple prescriptions from different doctors and pharmacists because there is no such monitoring device in place. Lawmakers’ Bridget Snapp reports.

Our Tuesday Leadership Interview series continues with House Majority Leader Representative Jerry Keen.

Legislation that could expand the use of school vouchers in Georgia passed out of Committee today. Senate Bill 458 provides that if a school system fails to attain accreditation, loses said accreditation, or is designated a needs improvement school for 7 consecutive years, the student would be allowed to attend another public school or receive a scholarship to a private school. Lawmakers Andi Dixon has the details.

In what has been called an unorthodox move, the House Governmental Affairs Committee today resurrected legislation that would create the City of Dunwoody. Senate Bill 82 failed to gain a do-pass recommendation from this same committee just three weeks ago.

A coalition of human rights activists, known as the Georgia Moratorium Campaign, held a press conference today in support of Senate Bill 255, which calls for a moratorium on the death penalty and House Bill 997, a measure that they say could improve the process of eyewitness identification. House Bill 997 is currently in the House Rules Committee. Senate Bill 225 is currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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