Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 10- February 1, 2008

Tonight on Lawmakers, Department of Transportation Board members are elected in the Senate Chamber, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle holds a press conference, Rep. Rob Teilhet announces Rapid Refund Loans registration, more talk in the House on impeachment, our weekly talk with Tom Crawford of, and a look back at this week under the gold dome.

Following the Senate session this morning, the Chamber was turned over to Department of Transportation Board elections. Five elections were held today, two to re-elect unchallenged incumbents, and one to replace an outgoing board member. But the elections that drew the most attention were contested races against Board Chairman Mike Evans and Board Member Raybon Anderson, both supporters of new DOT Commissioner Gena Abraham.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle spoke with Lawmakers co-anchor David Zelski this afternoon about his support of Constitutional Amendment to provide tax relief for homeowners. Senate Resolution 796 would freeze local property taxes, and keeps them from increasing more than 2% a year for residential and 3% for non–residential property.

Representative Rob Teilhet is sponsoring a measure that will put restrictions on rapid refund loans from so-called predatory lenders. House Bill 1030 would require greater disclosure of fees and conditions from those from individuals or companies offering tax refund loans.

The Senate today rejected the House version of controversial gun carry legislation. House Speaker Glenn Richardson responded, saying the House cannot agree to the 45–day gun licensing provision that the Senate included in their version of House Bill 89. Speaker Richardson appointed Representatives David Ralston, Sean Jerguson and Timothy Bearden to a Conference Committee.

And, it’s the end of another week under the gold dome, we’ll take a look back and check in with Tom Crawford, National Editor of

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