Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 9- January 31, 2008

Tonight on Lawmakers, a controversial charter schools bill passes the House, Grady Hospital legislation moves through a Senate committee, a gun carry bill passes the House, the House passes a resolution to block the governor from shifting money in the state budget. And Georgia legislators endorse Mit Romney for president.

The House voted today 119 to 48 to pass House Bill 881, which will offer another avenue for creation of a charter school. The bill allows for the creation of seven-member charter commissions that would have jurisdiction over a charter school on the local level. The commissions would be made up of local leaders and educators. HB 881 now moves to the Senate.

Three pieces of legislation affecting Grady Hospital unanimously passed the Senate Governmental Oversight Committee today. Senator David Shafer is the sponsor of the bills which are aimed to create accountability for Grady.

The House unexpectedly took up House Bill 89 today. The bill as amended by the House would allow for gun owners to not only conceal firearms in their cars, but carry them in most public places. HB 89 now returns to the Senate. Lawmakers’ Sandra Parrish has the story.

The House voted to block Governor Perdue from shifting money around in the state budget. House Resolution 1025 would require the Governor to either approve or veto appropriations and/or the intended purposes of expenditures. The resolution now moves to the Senate, and if approved this constitutional amendment would require voter approval in November.

Over 50 Georgia legislators, including some Democrats, announced their support today for presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Those giving their support included House Speaker Pro-Tem Mark Burkhalter and Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston.

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