Monday, March 22, 2010

New Legislative Schedule

The Georgia General Assembly today voted to adopt a new adjournment resolution. Senate Resolution 1322 sets the following schedule for the legislature in the coming weeks:

Monday, March 22 LEGISLATIVE DAY 28
Tuesday, March 23 IN RECESS
Wednesday, March 24 LEGISLATIVE DAY 29
Thursday, March 25 IN RECESS
Friday, March 26 LEGISLATIVE DAY 30 (Crossover Day)

Monday, March 29 IN RECESS
Tuesday, March 30 LEGISLATIVE DAY 31
Wednesday, March 31 LEGISLATIVE DAY 32
Thursday, April 1 LEGISLATIVE DAY 33
Friday, April 2 IN RECESS

Monday, April 5 IN RECESS
Tuesday, April 6 IN RECESS
Wednesday, April 7 IN RECESS
Thursday, April 8 IN RECESS
Friday, April 9 IN RECESS

Monday, April 12 LEGISLATIVE DAY 34

Be sure and tune in to Lawmakers on GPB every night that the General Assembly is in session for Lawmakers at 7 PM.