Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where are David and Nwandi?

So, you might be wondering where 2009 Lawmakers co-Anchor David Zelski is and where Nwandi Lawson has gone this week... and we're happy to tell you!

First, a little bit about David. David Zelski has been a part of the Lawmakers team for ten seasons- and we hope he'll return for a future legislative session. In 2000, David was one of a promising group of Lawmakers interns. As you may be aware, David become a reporter in the 2001 session and continued as part of the award winning Lawmakers reporting team until the retirement of Gerald Bryant after the 2006 season of Lawmakers. David became a Lawmakers co-Anchor in 2007. David joined GPB in 2001 as a full-time staff producer and reporter. He's a native Georgian, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a minor in Broadcasting and Cinema Studies. (Go Vols!) If you're a GPB fan, you may also know that David has been a host of the Georgia Traveler series since 2006 and in the fall of 2009, he assumed the mantle of Executive Producer of GPB's popular travel and tourism show. His commitments to Georgia Traveler as the Executive Producer, Host, Writer, Segment Producer and Segment Editor are consuming all his time these days. We miss him terribly but know that we can always catch him in the next great episode of Georgia Traveler, Fridays at 9 PM, Saturdays at 7 PM and Wednesdays at 7:30 PM.

Nwandi Lawson's absence from the Lawmakers program will be much shorter- thank goodness! Nwandi and her family had a tremendous opportunity to travel to Israel this week and next and the trip had been in the works for close to a year. Nwandi will return as co-Host of Lawmakers on Tuesday, March 2 for Legislative Day 24. The Emmy Award-winning Nwandi Lawson is currently fulfilling her eleventh season on Lawmakers and her seventh as the show’s co-anchor. Her work for Georgia Public Broadcasting includes reporting for Georgia Business Report, producing the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards from 1999 through 2005, and serving as coordinating producer for Irasshai, an award-winning Japanese language series. Nwandi is a magna cum laude graduate of Howard University. Again, you'll see Nwandi on Lawmakers again on March 2!