Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 8- January 28, 2010

Tonight on Lawmakers, the Senate passes a measure guaranteeing motorists the right to use hands–free cell phone devices; Rules changes in the House that abolish the hawk system are finalized; our leadership series of interviews continues with Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Tim Golden; and we’ll talk with Tom Crawford of The Georgia Report.

If you were unaware that it is illegal to use a hands–free device while driving, you are not alone. Senator Bill Heath had the issue brought to his attention by a constituent. The Senate today passed Senate Bill 306, that measure clarifies the law in regard to audio amplification while driving.

Its official. There are no more hawks in the house. Today the House passed House Resolution 1168, a resolution to change House Rules to open up debate. Among other things it abolishes the hawks system and allows reporters on the house floor during session, but only after the daily devotion.

Representative Tom Graves introduced the Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act , or JOBS Act of 2010 today. The sponsor says that the legislation is designed to stimulate the state’s economy by providing tax credits, cuts and incentives to create, expand and attract new businesses in Georgia. Lawmakers Valarie Edwards has more.

Our leadership series of interviews continues with Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Tim Golden. Nwandi Lawson talks with Senator Golden about the tough economic times, what Georgia can do to create jobs and what the State’s budget priorities should be.

And it’s the end of another legislative week- that means it’s time to check in with Tom Crawford of The Georgia Report. Susan talks with Tom about the happenings under the gold dome.

As a part of the celebration of Lawmakers’ 40th season, we continue our Lawmakers Flashback series. Tonight’s excerpt features Speaker of the House George L. Smith presiding over a floor debate in 1973.