Friday, April 3, 2009

Two Live Lawmakers Programs tonight!

Friday, April 3 marks the 40th and final day of the Georgia General Assembly's 2009 session and Georgia Public Broadcasting's Lawmakers program brings you two live broadcasts. Join David Zelski and Nwandi Lawson at 7 PM for our half hour Lawmakers program as we review the day's action thus far and return to GPB at 11 PM for a one hour live presentation of the Lawmakers Sine Die Special.

All that and more tonight on Lawmakers at 7 PM and the Lawmakers Sine Die Special at 11 PM.

The Lawmakers Sine Die Special repeats Saturday morning on GPB Knowledge at 7 AM. GPB Knowledge is available to those with digital television receivers at .3 of your local GPB transmitter, for example 20.3 in Augusta, or 8.3 in Atlanta. You can also watch a repeat of the Lawmakers Sine Die Special on Monday, April 6 on GPB television at 5 AM.