Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Legislative Schedule Change

As we first reported on Lawmakers last night, revised revenue estimates released on Monday have affected the legislative schedule. Governor Sonny Perdue announced that the State's slowing economy means changes to the amount of revenue that can be appropriated for expenditures in both the FY08 Amended Budget and the FY 09 General Budget. Instead of dipping into the State's $1.5 billion reserve fund, Governor Perdue wants to cut $65 million from the FY 08 Amended Budget and $245 million from FY 09. The Governor has recommended the reduction for this year's budget come from school technology and buses, while next year's cuts would include decreasing the proposed raise for state employees from 2.5 to 2%, among others.

In reaction to the news, the House and Senate adopted a new schedule that allows for more time to consider the changes to the State budget. Senate Resolution 1145 was adopted in both chambers yesterday, setting the following legislative schedule:

Tuesday, March 11 . . . . . . . in session for legislative day 30
Wednesday, March 12 . . . . in session for legislative day 31
Thursday, March 13 through Monday, March 17. . . in adjournment
Tuesday, March 18. . . . . . . .in session for legislative day 32
Wednesday, March 19. . . . . in session for legislative day 33
Thursday, March 20. . . . . . .in session for legislative day 34
Friday, March 21 through Wednesday, March 26. . . in adjournment
Thursday, March 27. . . . . . . in session for legislative day 35

The Georgia General Assembly meets for no more than 40 legislative days each spring. The session commences on the second Monday after the first Tuesday in January. The legislature does not necessarily meet on consecutive days and the session often extends through March and well into April. The House and Senate set their schedule by Resolution, so, we at Lawmakers are often unaware of what the schedule will be until the Resolution is brought to the floor in one of the chambers for a vote.

For all the latest from under the gold dome, join Lawmakers on GPB Television at 7pm every day that the Georgia General Assembly is in session. We will continue to update the schedule here on our blog when a new resolution is passed by both chambers!