Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 29- March 6, 2008

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Tonight on Lawmakers, House and Senate leaders announce that they are close to a compromise on a transportation funding solution, a bill that hits uninsured drivers with jail time gains final passage and Governor Sonny Perdue takes a wild ride as Atlanta Motor Speedway Day is observed at the State Capitol.

House and Senate leaders appeared at a press conference this morning to announce that they are close to a compromise on transportation funding. A coalition of more than 50 organizations called “Get Georgia Moving” has been urging passage of Senate Resolution 845, a measure that would let local communities vote for a one-cent local option sales tax to pay for local road projects. SR 845 is currently in the House Transportation Committee. Lawmakers Sandra Parrish reports.

Uninsured drivers face jail time with final passage today of Senate Bill 276. The measure also allows motorists to opt out of purchasing uninsured motorist coverage. The legislation passed the House with changes but the Senate agreed. The bill is headed to the Governor.

It’s the end of another legislative week under the gold dome. We’ll take a look back and talk with Tom Crawford, National Editor of

Legislation that gives Georgians another option for health care passed the Senate today. Senate Bill 404, known as the Georgia Health Marketplace is an initiative from Lt. Governor Casey Cagle. In this health care option, the rates could be more also aims to reach out to those who currently have no insurance.

A measure aiming to improve the way Georgia’s Medicaid System is administered passed out of House Rules yesterday and will be on the floor for the crucial crossover day on Tuesday. Lawmakers’ Bridget Snapp talks with Representative Mickey Channell, sponsor of House Bill 1234, about this legislation and the impact on the Care Management Organizations that provide healthcare to Medicaid patients.

Georgia pharmaceutical companies should not receive preferential treatment when serving patients insured by Medicaid, Peachcare and State Employee Insurance Plans. This according to the House, which today defeated House Bill 180, preventing the Department of Community Health from doing business with insurers that require State drug companies to seek prior approval.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle today showed support for two divestment bills making their way through the legislative process: one requires divestment from Iran, and the other curbs future divestment bills. Senator Don Balfour, sponsor of Senate Bill 451, says that legislation would require public pension funds to identify companies that have spent over $20 million dollars in oil and gas in Iran. Senate Bill 327 is designed to provide checks and balances for future divestment legislation. Lawmakers would need the approval from the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, or the House Speaker in writing, as well as a fiscal analysis. Lawmakers' Andi Dixon has more.

And it’s Atlanta Motor Speedway Day at the Capitol. Governor Sonny Perdue takes a NASCAR ride to promote racing this weekend in Hampton.

All that and more, tonight on Lawmakers.