Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 25- February 28, 2008

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Tonight on Lawmakers, the House votes to allow the seizure of vehicles driven by illegal immigrants involved in traffic accidents, Democrats outline their opposition to current tax proposals and the Senate approves more tools for parents in the fight against internet predators.
The House today voted to allow the seizure of vehicles driven by illegal immigrants involved in traffic accidents. House Bill 978 would also give law enforcement the power to seize vehicles of illegal immigrants who are pulled over for traffic violations. Lawmakers Sandra Parrish has the details.

House and Senate Democrats held a press conference today to voice their opposition to current tax proposals before the House dealing with the elimination of ad valorem taxes. House Bill 979 and House Resolution 1246 are initiatives introduced by House Speaker Glenn Richardson. Formerly known as the GREAT Plan, the legislation favors an expanded State sales tax rather than property taxes. Democrats say the plan would put the new tax on 175 new things- including groceries and lottery tickets. Lawmakers Bridget Snapp reports.

The Senate today passed legislation designed to give more tools to parents trying to block inappropriate internet content. Senate Bill 474 also gives judges power to place restrictions the use of internet social networking sites by convicted sexual predators.

Permanent car wash facilities could be exempted from outdoor watering restrictions under a measure passed by the Senate today. Senate Bill 466 would require such facilities to either recycle their water or be connected to a public sewer system. The bill was amended to include a provision to allow individuals to fill their swimming pools in an effort to avoid health hazards.

A Joint Senate-House Transportation Committee heard about commuter rail options today. Included in the presentation: Magnetic Levitation and the “Brain Train”.

The Senate Economic Development Committee today held a public hearing about several pieces of legislation dealing with proposed development of Jekyll Island. Senate Bills 426, 227 and 428, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Chapman, seek to preserve the island and limit new development. After encountering opposition from the Jekyll Island State Park Authority, none of the three bills received the necessary do-pass to move on in the legislative process. Lawmakers’ Andi Dixon has more.

We’ll also have highlights from the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention’s legislative reception last night. G-CAPP announced that teen pregnancy rates rose slightly in 2006, in opposition to a multi-year trend of decline.

All that and more, tonight on Lawmakers.