Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 19- February 19, 2008

Tonight on Lawmakers, the Senate passes a measure allowing consumers to freeze their credit reports, the 2008 Supplemental Budget heads to the Senate floor, the Senate votes to ban Robo Calls, the House passes legislation to fund the Governor’s Office for Children and Families, and an exclusive interview with Democratic leader, Senator Robert Brown.

A bill that will allow consumers to freeze their credit reports passed the Senate today. Senate Bill 361differs from a similar bill in the House in that the fee for freezing and unfreezing credit reports is to be set by the State Banking Commissioner, instead of being capped at three dollars. SB 361 passed the Senate 45 to 4, and now moves to the House.

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed the 2008 Supplemental Budget today. Included were changes in funding for healthcare, economic development, and education. The 2008 Amended Budget has been trimmed down to $513,000 from $3.6 million recommended by the Governor, and now heads to the Senate floor for debate.

The Senate also voted today to outlaw automated phone solicitations, or Robo Calls. Senate Bill 379 passed by a vote of 40 to 9. If this bill becomes law, Georgia would be the first state to ban automated messages.

In House action today, a bill that provides funding for the Governor’s Office for Children and Families passed 99 to 67 after lengthy debate. House Bill 1054, the Children and Family Service Strengthening Act of 2008, drew considerable controversy because it provides for the consolidation of the state’s welfare agencies.

Continuing our Tuesday Leadership Interview Series, David Zelski talked with Democratic Leader Senator Robert Brown earlier today. David and Sen. Brown talked about the tax bills proposed so far, transportation, and the water crisis.

All that and more, tonight on Lawmakers.