Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 4- January 17, 2008

Tonight on Lawmakers, a controversial gun bill passes the Senate, four child welfare agencies are merged into two, more talk on taxes, the House Judiciary Committee considers 12 bills that have been recommitted, and it’s Sportsmen’s Day at the Capitol. Those stories and more are coming up.

House Bill 89, which allows gun owners to carry their weapons concealed in their cars, passed the Senate today. The bill is a compromise between the National Rifle Association and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. The controversy arose when private property advocates objected to not being able to control who carries guns onto their property. The current compromise gives both sides some of what they want. Lawmakers’ Sandra Parrish has more.

Governor Perdue elaborated on details of his proposed tax plan at a press conference today. The plan was announced during yesterday’s State of the State address, and is being touted by the governor as a more gradual and incremental tax plan than others offered this session.

New life was being breathed into old bills today at the House Judiciary Committee meeting today. A total of 12 bills from last year have been recommitted to the committee. Highlights include House Bill 515, dealing with lottery winnings, HB 540, dealing with child support, and Senate Bill 88, which addresses the care of a grandchild.

Today is Sportsmen’s Day at the Capitol. Hunters and fishermen came from all over Georgia to celebrate wildlife. Lawmakers’ Keocia Jackson has the story.

All that and more, tonight on Lawmakers. Watch Online!